Content Strategist and UI/UX Writer


Words Go Here

The ability to express ideas and evoke feelings with words is an amazing gift that requires tenacity and constant refinement. I discovered my own nascent gift for writing via song lyrics that I began to pen at the ripe age of 10. While I wasn't a young Bob Dylan, I quickly fell in love with the writing process. This newfound passion fueled my own tenacity—and incremental improvement—as a songwriter, resulting in five albums of original music.

Although songwriting has long satiated my creative urges, my mathematical mind has embraced the inherent challenge of content strategy and UI/UX writing. I've had the opportunity to write in each role I've held over my 15 year career, with the distinct privilege of working exclusively in content creation, content strategy, content management and conceptual UI/UX content writing for the past 5 years. My most recent positions have provided invaluable and unique insights into the current tech landscape.

I approach writing holistically, seeking total understanding of the desired deliverable before committing proverbial pen to paper. This method has consistently proven to be successful, instilling confidence in the quality and efficacy of my work. And while humility—on occasion—should be set aside, I remain humbled by the gift to write and committed to always getting better.